Convert Cassette to CD
and LP to CD or MP3 Online

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Baktrack is a very easy to use, first of its kind web app that allows you to convert records and cassette to CD or MP3 without any software installation or additional hardware. Just need to connect your computer to your stereo with a standard 3mm audio cable and press play. While your cassettes tapes play through your stereo to your computer Baktrack converts your cassette tapes or records into digital mp3 files.

Depending on the quality or your cassette tapes or records you can generally just press play and Baktrack will separate the tracks for you. If you want to separate the tracks the way you like, there are very easy to use tools that allow you to cut and combine your tracks once they have been extracted from your cassette tapes and records. Additionally, you can add info like artist name, album title and other information to the tracks you’ve transfered.Once the tracks are in MP3 format, burning the tracks from cassette to CD is a very simple process that can additionally be done for free. As an incentive to get audio enthusiasts from the days of the cassette to use Baktrack, we are currently offering on month of free use. Also, if you think you’ve got a voice that should be heard compete to win a free lifetime membership to Baktrack as part of our compete in our Cassette to Cds - Challenge.

Cassettes to CD - Challenge

Win a lifetime membership to Baktrack. Get one month free just for entering!

Cassette users of old, we know you are out there. We know because we’re still parting with our old mix tapes, band recordings, cassette tape recordings of our kids, lost one hit wonders we’ve never re-purchased and so much more. As an incentive to get audio enthusiasts from to use our service, we are currently offering one month of free use and a chance to win a lifetime free membership to the top 10 contestants in our video or article challenge. To participate read below.

1. Send us a story
Send us a true story about an interesting experience, funny experience or something educational. Though stories that in some way relate to cassette tapes will receive higher ranking, we’re open to any topics that are not inflammatory or pornographic.
2. Send us a video
Send us a funny, entertaining or educational video that relates to cassette tapes, records, analog audio or music from the cassette tape era. Though videos that in some way relate to cassette tapes will receive higher ranking. Please do not submit anything that is inflammatory or pornographic.
Email your story or video to EMAIL SUBJECT MUST BE - CASSETTE TO CD FREE

Make sure to come up with a creative title!

  1. Humor or educational value
  2. Creative titles
  3. Relevance to analog music
  4. Relevance to music in general

We look forward to reading your stories and watching your videos.