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Analog to Digital Audio Conversion - Latest Technology

While much has been researched and standardized for converting analog audio sources to digital formats, most of the solutions require hardware boxes like Gefen or software like Audacity. Many a times, you don't have the time and energy to explore into such solutions, neither you're too motivated to invest in another hardware just for conversion.

You wanted an easier, faster, cheaper solution. And here it is – backtrack, a revolutionary technology (patent pending) that frees you up from any investment in time and money for additional hardware or software for converting analog audio to digital.
Baktrack is a true plug-n-play web app that allows you to transfer all your analog audio sources like cassette tapes or vinyl LP records to mp3 without having to do anything more than just plugging  your computer into your stereo and pressing play. You can use Baktrack without using any audio cables if your computer has a built in microphone but chances are you are also going to end up recording background noise as well. That's why we recommend using an audio cable so you can get a direct signal from your stereo or audio playing device.

Follow the simple steps in order to transfer your analog audio to digital MP3 formats. Baktrack also separates the audio tracks for you. You can customize your playlist whatever way you want and archive your entire analog audio sources in digital formats forever.

Cassette tapes to MP3/CD
LP. Vinyl to MP3/CD